Paragliding tandem Video : Judge for yourself!

Are you ready to make your first flight? You are curious and how do you produce how? For you to realize yourself, a paragliding baptism video ! All paragliding novices read about this practice. Some are afraid, others are dreamers and the more daring do not even think about takeoff ! They just can not wait to test the sensational numbers. Here is the video takeoff paragliding baptism video :


Takeoff in tandem paragliding :

As you can see, it’s extremely easy to take off in paragliding with a monitor ! It’s going smoothly 😉

A paragliding takeoff does not require any physical requirements. Indeed, you will just be able to run a little, a few meters, as can be seen on this video !

By following the instructions of your instructor, and his signal, you must : move a few meters, walking towards the lake, and resist the best possible traction, that will exercise the paraglider by inflating.

Note : this paragliding traction is actually very reassuring. You will not have the impression of throwing yourself into the void because you will feel the paragliding lift you up ! Even no feeling of dizziness, on the contrary, as soon as your feet do not touch the ground, you will have the impression of being raised in the air.

Once the paraglider is inflated above your head, the instructor will ask you to accelerate your run a little ! This is the moment when we give speed to the sail, so that the paraglider takes off.

The most important point is to keep running, when you feel yourself taking off. To stop the flight of flight too soon, would be to cut the gas for an airplane at the time of the flight, which is obviously not advised 🙂

That’s it, you know all on take off ! One last thing : the takeoff is actually very fast and all that I just told you, does not last more than 3 or 4 seconds, so do not panic!

See you soon with us in the air 😀


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